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Catwalk Communications specializes in cat photography but check out the new Critter Gallery - we’re expanding!  Unlike many photographers who say they ‘do pets’, we do not photograph graduations, sports, parties, engagements, or weddings, nor do we do photos in a studio. We take naturally happy photos of your pets doing their own thing in their own homes and yards. Yes, we can include cooperative children, other critters, and family members, too. We enjoy creating beautiful portraits, and to catch those moments that reflect the unique personality of your pet.

What is included in a portrait sitting?

  • All time and expense for reviewing, processing, correcting, printing and mailing photos (Priority shipping in the U.S.) is included in the prices quoted.
  • All images are printed on professional portrait quality, extra-heavy weight, acid free paper, guaranteed to last for generations to come.
  • 8x5x11” pages of prints are included in our prices, too!
  • Smaller prints - such as wallet size print sets, extra prints and reprints are only $8/sheet.
  • Larger prints up to 20x30” may be glossy, matte, or printed on canvas. See Pricing Options for details.
  • We will choose the best photos for you or provide a selection for you to choose from.

Creative ideas: Consider a biographical photo essay or collage - multiple photos arranged on a larger print, maybe with your pets’ story included. Check out the Gallery for ideas!  Artistic effects - Have you thought about creating an oil painting effect or watercolor, or something kind of unique ... see Artistic Rendering for ideas!

Photo Restoration from your original:  The following are samples of a complete color restoration. The original green photos were taken inside a ‘greenhouse’ with green plastic slats over the top of the building. The green color was picked up by the camera (our brains would compensate for the effect, but the camera does not).

The first photo had to be completely de-saturated (returned to black and white) and hand colored. Because the colors were more complex in the second photo, it required multiple careful adjustments to hue, saturation, balance, replacement colors, contrast, and fine tuning specific points. The photos were enlarged to poster size and framed at the ResQ Cats shelter in Santa Barbara

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For personal consultation and project consideration, please send inquiries to: Info@5Kittens.com

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Copyright: The photographer retains all rights to all photos for promotional and publishing purposes, with one exception: You may distribute photos for noncommercial purposes among family, friends, or on noncommercial web-sites. A percentage of sitting fees and the sale or publication of photos in any context will contribute to an animal charity or shelter.