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We give to charity!

A percentage of each sitting fee will be donated to the Peninsula Spay and Neuter Project, a donation-funded, volunteer-run charity that provides low cost and free services to families and feral cats in Pierce County, and dogs, too!

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Sitting prices, cancelation,
and how you can get creative!
 - what we offer....

Gift Certificates available starting at $50. Photo sessions start at $75.

Why our prices are better: Weve done the research. There is quite a variety of pricing for photography out there, ranging from a single-shot session at PetCo (bring your pet somewhere for one shot, one print, screen background), to private events costing thousands of dollars. We want our photo sessions to be comfortable and easy for you and your pet, and we want to create a real memory, not a contrived image. Even so, we also recognize that portraits are a luxury as well as commemoration or a lovely gift, and need to be budgeted carefully.

Unlike many studio photographers who have clients coming in and out constantly, Catwalk Communications photo sessions include hundreds of photos from which the best are carefully selected. The sitting fee includes full-page prints and shipping, and we travel to your home so your pet is never stressed by going to a strange location.  Further, Catwalk only charges $8/page for extra prints, even if you want lots of wallet size prints! We will either select the best poses for you or provide a selection of photos for you to choose from.

Catwalk Sitting and Print Options:

  • Portrait: In the budget portrait session, well want to get 1-2 really nice poses, but will probably take dozens of pictures which we will review and select the best portraits. It will take some time for your pet to relax in front of the camera even in your own home, so this session could take up to an hour at your home plus our review of all the photos, adjustments, printing 7x9 prints, and mailing (total of about 3-4 hours our time).  $75 for one pet, 1-2 poses printed and shipped, $135 for two pets, plus travel time for longer distances (see below).
  • Portrait: In the full length sitting, we take up to 200 photos of your pet in a two-hour session.  We select 4-5 of the very best poses for each subject, up to two pets in this timeframe (total about 6 hours our time). $150 for one pet, $200 for two. Again, this includes the photo session, reviewing all of the pictures to select the best for printing, your prints and mailing. Travel for longer distances is additional - see below.
  • Travel, longer distances: All photos are taken in the comfort of your own home or yard. We do the traveling! No charge within 25 minutes of Key Center, which includes most of Gig Harbor and southern Port Orchard. There is a charge of $7 travel time for each 15 minute increment thereafter. Time calculations are based on MapQuest parameters by address from Key Center. Note that poor weather usually means poor lighting and we may need to reschedule.
  • Extra prints of a single pose, 1-8 images per 8.5x11 sheet, $8 ea.
  • Extra large prints of a single pose - We can provide 8x12, 11x14, or 12x18 glossy for $25, or 16x20 or 20x30 matte for $35. - includes shipping!
  • Corrections to prints included: The following is included without charge...
    • correction for general ambient lighting - may include lightening dark areas or overall lighting and contrast
    • correction of small mishaps (stains on clothing, something on the floor)
    • color balance, saturation;
    • a soft border (fuzzy look at the edges) if requested;
    • b/w printing; and
    • cropping.

Get creative! Custom services are $30/hour, or flat rates as below.

  1. Email - low resolution, up to five separate images ($20)
  2. Animation - create a slide show ($30)
  3. Add a pet - if you have three or more $60 each (includes everything). Multiple pets may need to be separated some of the time in order to get good portraits of each.
  4. Add your pets special story - Biographical essay, samples below 
  5. Multi-pose designs - see samples in the Gallery, custom created to your specifications as to final print and photo size, using your favorite photos from our sitting and/or your own older photos. Minimum 2 hours.
  6. Photo album/Scrapbook - Generally 20 page albums are available for about $15-20.  We only charge the per-print price of $8/sheet for processing your 7x9 prints plus the album itself. We may be able to provide you with all 20 prints, or only as many as we think are really the best. You can add your own photos, stickers, stories and memorabilia.
  7. Canvas:   We can print on canvas, too. It is expensive. Prices upon request for a specific size.
  8. Special effects: see Artistic Rendering - Black and white printing, cropping and all corrections to the original photo are free of charge. More dramatic special effects are processed at a rate of $30/hour. You can choose a style or ask us to be creative!

    Biographical Essay samples:


Click here for important notes (in small Word documents)

1. Cancellation and Copyright
2. Preparing for a Sitting
3. Publishing special stories
4. Also see information on Artistic Rendering and Large Prints and Frames.

Copyright: The photographer retains all rights to all photos for promotional and publishing purposes, with one exception: You may distribute photos for noncommercial purposes among family, friends, or on noncommercial web-sites. A percentage of sitting fees and the sale or publication of photos in any context will contribute to an animal charity or shelter.