Critter Gallery

All policies that apply to cats also apply to other critters.

We can take pictures of pets and people together, too.

Remember, the three most important things for a dog are exercise, discipline and love!

Please be sure that your companions are well exercised and fed prior to a photo shoot!

two standing llamas-sm

Louie is featured on page 15 of the Ultimate Dog Lover book, by HCI publications!

perfect portrait-sm

Buddy, above, got his photo in Celebrate the Key Peninsula! This photo is one of only two dogs featured in the pet chapter!

Ultimate Dog

Mary, above, is the mother of Tiko (darker colors) and Tera - both shown together at left (Tiko is also shown in the left column).

Mary was worn out when we rescued her from breeding, but now she is as fluffy as her kits and looks a lot like Tera!

two composite parakeets
Mjollee w sock2-sm

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