Cat Gallery

Many more photos available, coming soon!

Dozens of photos are taken of each pet in a single visit, hundreds are taken in longer sessions! Choosing the best photos takes a great deal of time, so we will make the best choices for you. The 3 photos of Emily (at left) out of a total of 6 great photos printed, were taken in a full-length portrait session.

Portrait photography below is rendered here in animated GIF format - we can create a slide-show or scrapbook for you, too! Scroll down further to see several samples of a Biographical Photo Essay and a Multi-Pose Design.

Click below for Biographical Photo Essay samples in PDF format. These are small, low resolution files, only 150-200 kb, so text may not render properly unless you zoom in. You can tell us a special story or just talk about your petís favorite habits:

1. Charity
2. Electra and Van Gogh
3. Emily
4. Lovers
5. Skittle

Click below for Multi-Pose Design samples, shown on 8.5 x 11Ē paper. Some use the same photo multiple times to minimize file size for display only. Larger pages can include more pictures or larger pictures.  These are large files 1-3 mb in PDF format:

1. traditional collage - 3mb
2. semi-organized design - 2mb
3. symmetrical design - 1.7mb

Copyright: The photographer retains all rights to all photos for promotional and publishing purposes, with one exception: You may distribute photos for noncommercial purposes among family, friends, or on noncommercial web-sites. A percentage of sitting fees and the sale or publication of photos in any context will contribute to an animal charity or shelter.