Artistic Rendering
gray cat-bw-hi
Taslin in yellow grass-crop
Taslin in yellow grass-eyes-sm
angel - young2 SM
angel pose in chair-sm
angel pose-unreal color-sm

Click here for more samples (1.5 mb PDF). Zoom in so you can see the effects of
paintbrush strokes,
 pencil strokes,
unreal colors, and more.

Artistic Rendering and Special Effects:
(click here for samples and zoom in!)

Tas sillouette-sm

Some photographic artistry is included at no charge:

  • correction of small mishaps (stains on clothing or floor)
  • correction for general ambient lighting
  • contrast, color balance, saturation;
  • a soft square/rectangular border;
  • b/w printing; and
  • cropping.

To the left are examples of:

 - - photos rendered in grayscale with spot color for the eyes;
 - - a photo rendered in sepia with spot color for the eyes and nose;
 - - and intense color saturation with soft borders.

Below are samples of background manipulation - unattractive backgrounds were eliminated to enhance a nice photo.

Mjollee-in-bag-orig-sm Mjollee-bag-sm

More complex renderings are available (click here for samples):

  • creative backgrounds - hand painted, unique patterns or scenery;
  • specific color saturation mixes and/or ultra high contrast;
  • application of artistic filters such as watercolor, b/w sketching;
  • unnatural color balance or hue changes (an orange tabby can be pink!)
  • fun borders (leaves, speckles, etc) or shaped borders (oval, star);
  • personal enhancements (minimizing blemishes, facial lines, or slenderizing);
  • plain or creative TEXT placed on the photo or border

The above services can be requested at the time your photos are scheduled or once you have seen your prints (to be applied to reprints). These services include both fees for additional (final) prints at $8/page (8.5x11) and $30/hour.  Expect a minimum two hours consultation and rendering time. Larger prints are extra, see Pricing Options.

Copyright: The photographer retains all rights to all photos for promotional and publishing purposes, with one exception: You may distribute photos for noncommercial purposes among family, friends, or on noncommercial web-sites. A percentage of sitting fees and the sale or publication of photos in any context will contribute to an animal charity or shelter.