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Catwalk: n. A narrow, often elevated walkway, as on the sides of a bridge or in the flies above a theater stage, high in the air, providing an advantageous perspective for critical operations.


Photos to appear at the Whiskers Wine and Dine fundraiser March 24, 2012 for Coalition Humane showing ear-tipped free roaming and feral cats.


Photography awards!

Awarded the Muse Medallion for “Sunny”, with the judges comment:
This is the epitome of cats: the insouciant air that goes with the full body and the dangling paw says it all.”

Awarded the Muse Medallion for the “Free Roaming Friends and Ferals” photo series, with the judges comment:
Two of the images, Roscoe and Pink, are very striking and even hauntingly lovely. You can see the contentment in the companion animals. Great black and white series ... well done!”

Awarded Four (4) Certificates of Excellence and three Muse Medallions for First Place by the Cat Writers Association for photos in 2009-2011

Celebrate the Key Peninsula - 13 photos and the full back cover
The Ultimate Dog Lover - full page color photo

The Wise Alter-native newsletter - a regular column with photos:
The Happy Client Corner


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Sunny won first place in the National Cat Writers Association published photography contest.

Pootie won first place the next year!


 Celebrate The Key Peninsula contains 13 of my photos, plus the back cover (above)! One photo is Skittle, at right!

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We contribute to charity! Every year more than $500 in cash, services and goods are donated to animal welfare charities.  Within 24 hours of the tsunami in Japan in 2011, we began donating to Japan Earthquake and Animal Rescue and Support.  JEARS will appear on Animal Planet “Must Love Cats” on March 20, 2012.

Who we are: Catwalk Communications provides you with over 30 years experience and formal education in the art of print presentation and project management. Cat photography is our joy and specialty, but we enjoy other pets and kids, too. We also do photo restoration, visit the Gallery for a sample!

Professional photos have appeared in the Key Peninsula News, the Coalition Humane newsletter, Pentax Magazine, and in brochure designs. In addition to recent awards of Excellence and 1st Place prizes in 2009-10-11, thirteen photos were chosen for a coffee table book (Celebrate the Key Peninsula, 2009), one placed in The Ultimate Dog Lover (2008, a photo placed in the Top 100 of 10,000 entries in a nationwide Kodak photo contest; and in the 365 Day Cat Calendar, March 2, 2005.

Visit our online Gallery for portraits and explore this site for optional photo display designs, artistic rendering, using your stories and more. We can take photos of dogs and people with their companion animals, too

Requests for services will be considered in the South Puget Sound area, with timeframes open on California’s Central Coast. Prices start at just $75 including two archival quality prints!


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Copyright: The photographer retains all rights to all photos for promotional and publishing purposes, with one exception: You may distribute photos for noncommercial purposes among family, friends, or on noncommercial web-sites. A percentage of sitting fees and the sale or publication of photos in any context will contribute to an animal charity or shelter.